Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our one line sum up mission statement is "Making Christ Known".

We think Jesus is brilliant, that He loves Anfield. Our aim is to spread the word about Jesus in our community and we look to do that with both our words and our actions.

Each of our two main congregations have a slightly different angle in their missionary targets.

Christ Church is (re-)learning how to be a church family for all ages. You can discover on a different tab of this website more about the family work that has been a new focus for us. Family for Christians is old & young married, singles, & others… There’s a place for you!

Holy Trinity looks to bear a particular concern for those on the edges in our community. You’ll find a very ethnically diverse congregation in what we sometimes wonder about calling “Holy Trinity International"

We also look to be making links with the local community, for instance, through our food pantry, in what is a sometimes struggling set of streets in Liverpool